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Hi I'm Van!

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When you grow up with a photographer in the family (in my case, Uncle Stu) the question of "why did you become a photographer?" becomes fairly easy to answer. We always had amazing pictures hung on the walls in our house, and it was pretty cool to know the guy that took most of them. I learned from one of the best. Stu taught me a lot about the mechanics of photography. More importantly, though, he showed me the value of personality and charisma. Imagine if Robin Williams were a photographer. That's the kind of guy I've been hanging out with and learning from for 30 something years. I became a photographer because I'm inspired by great people doing great things for other people.

I'm a self-starter, traveler, musician, nerd, joker, uncle, brother, perfectionist, artist. Diversity pretty well sums up my life so far. My roots are now planted firmly in the arts, but I've held a lot of different jobs in the past (retail, direct sales, construction, food service, transportation, to name a few). I've had the chance to see the world from many different angles, and that's what photography is really all about.

I'm grateful for the experiences and opportunities I've been given so far, and to all of my clients for trusting me with their projects, special events and precious life moments. If you're searching for the right photographer and you're moved by what you see on my site, please reach out! It would be a pleasure to help tell your story.


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